Screenshot_2014-07-31-13-28-49-1 (1)As every year after the carnival, Ticket publishes its ranking. Our choice is based on the performance and animation musical groups during the three days, the sound and especially the reaction of the public. Carnival of Flowers gathered, 27, 28 and 29 July 2014, some of the most popular courses of the Haitian music industry including crept some undesirable. The battle took place. Port-au-Prince gave his verdict.

Champion Djakout # 1 # 1 Djakout the reference Anko! His championship of the National Carnival Gonaives last March in hand, the self-proclaimed "djaz peyi a" still enjoyed the popularity of "AviII yo," his 2014 méringue once. A good sound, animation thunder a Shabba who has nothing to prove, a public to his cause ... Djakout # 1 was all good weapons to trounce T-Vice, his eternal enemy, and he is generously served ! Djakout during the three days of the Carnival of Flowers served a fireworks fire atmosphere. Congratulations to Rechampion 2014!

Very good Barikad Crew Crew Barikad has lived up to its reputation. Their sides with Tony Mix in great shape, protected Yuri Chery have reaped the fruits of their very popular méringue 2014. Horde of fans satisfied that accompanied the general three days only confirms the adulation the group is subject. The sound was not at the top, how leaders, but the madness was the rendezvous. A 6am past, Wednesday, July 30, they were still thousands marching with the group closed the Carnival of Flowers. BC is madness. Carimi and Mikaben Carimi It lacked a weapon, a soul. The group Carlo, Richard and Michael was found in Mikaben, an association that has paid off. Cash. After a good performance at the national carnival Gonaives foals Fito Farinen recurred and at the same time proved that "If Kolon ki bat." Revelation shawl with a meringue as popular as "Fè bagay" shawl already had the spotlight . In addition, the group conspicuously absent from national carnival, had managed to win the sympathy of a large number of people. All this has made ​​the task easier for the three musketeers Ti Mario Manno RoodyMan and Beat, who succeeded handily their first pass on the concrete. The return of David Dupoux was also highly acclaimed.

Good: Team Lobey Lobey Team plays in the big leagues for some already. With the help of J-Perry, the presence of a Black Alex always loved Pooh Bear and a very present, the band Gio-K, as usual, made ​​the "Lobey" for a crowd who asked that . The public would be well spent, however, ceaseless feedback microphones, besides multiple stops the tank and use the poorly controlled playback. T-Vice Making the most of his méringue 2014 whose popularity was yet not increased since the carnival National, T-Vice Group, whose reputation is second to none, served a very good animation for carnival, but not enough to reclaim the title of champion. The self-proclaimed "Met Beton" had no great difficulty in dancing already conquered, but failed to attract new followers. After a sleepless year, T-Vice must repeat the class and innovate carnival next year. Anbyans The euphoria of the early days to being somewhat attenuated Anbyans has just joined the ranks of the passage of which is very popular regular groups, but no longer enjoy the adulation of the public. Oky Jems is like himself, but the magic of his lestomak no longer enough. RockFam "Tetanus" was far from being the most popular meringue year. However, soldiers RockFam, experienced animators have managed to rally to their cause the most recalcitrant maskers. Combining catchy choruses and various slogans, all of which spread through a good sound, the band Pikan although Djakout # 1 placed after the third day gave a great performance at the Carnival of Flowers. RockFam is good on the concrete, but the response of the crowd waiting. RockFam bezwen folds fanatik. 's

"Could do better," that we were disappointed Kreyòl The What happened to the great Kreyòl? The tenor who danced the Champ de Mars san pran suffering? One thing is for sure, he did not respond to the call 27, 28 and 29 July. Cut two of its key members, the group is struggling to recover. Shaky in his first release, the band T-Djo Zenny seemed resume strength on the second day before falling on the last day of the Carnival of Flowers. Come back soon, dear Kreyòl La, Carnival needs you! Micky T- T-Ansyto, Black Easy, Top Adlerman, Roody Roodboy, Big O and even the great Michel Martelly - or should we say Sweet Micky? - T-Micky had all the help he could get. However, the group president's son, with this group of artists has not succeeded in establishing itself on the Champ de Mars. Difficult to put your finger on what did not work for T-Micky. Mismanagement of two meringues? Immaturity of Sandro? Unless ... TWoP Chen gate Revey tinue! K-Zino  has not marked his second appearance at the carnival. With an animation that was not always on top and slogans that émoustillaient rarely the public was expected better of the young group after his baptism of fire succeeded in Gonaives. And any idea of seeking a slogan that Messi and Neymar mixture, two losers of the World Cup final that all football fans want to forget?? The inspiration was severely missed in K-Zino,

shame! Pito yo pat la Panorama des Cayes Having returned quite late in the largest groups to participate in the carnival parade Flowers, Panorama des Cayes is one of those unpleasant surprises last time the Carnival Committee. The group has apparently learned nothing from his stinging defeat on the same Champ de Mars last year. He can now stay away from the concrete of Port-au-Prince is not really for him. Koudjay The time when Samba was Kessy vibrate the Champ de Mars is clearly over! Moreover, impose on the course a Koudjay also decreased is almost an insult to the memory of what was the group. So let the fans on their fond memories of this musical!

source: Ticket Magazine